Sunday, April 25, 2010

Scott Sisters Update; Jackson NAACP Honors Prison Warden (What??)

Nancy LockhartApril 25, 2010 at 7:59pm
Subject: 4/25 SCOTT SISTERS UPDATE ~ By Sister Marpessa
Greetings all,

Mrs. Rasco recently learned that Jamie's condition is unchanged and
that when last they spoke she was being worked up for a possible
urinary tract infection. She was mentally strong, however, and very
grateful that her mother and supporters are sticking by she and
Gladys through all that they have suffered.

MDOC Commissioner Christopher Epps, whom we've been contacting
for months regarding the disastrous level of Jamie's care and who's
been steadily misinforming people that she's not as sick as we've
regularly documented, even after she had to be hospitalized several
times for high toxicity and infections that almost took her life, is
being HONORED as the KEYNOTE SPEAKER by the Jackson
County, MS NAACP at their upcoming banquet on April 30, 2010!


How could this branch, which is actually portrayed as an activist branch
that has courageously taken on the police dept. and most recently
the fire dept., completely ignore the sickeningly outrageous case of the Scott
Sisters! And to add insult to injury, laud Christopher Epps, who covers up the
low-budget, some-timey care that denies Jamie Scott regular medications,
regular dialysis, and the specific diet she has been told repeatedly that
she needs to maintain any semblance of health. The medical care is said
by inmates there to be abysmal on every level, and particularly so for Jamie
Scott, with end stage kidney failure!

This is a smack in the face to Mrs. Rasco, to whom Epps made false
promises of relief for Jamie, as well as Jamie and Gladys Scott, their
supporters, and the community at large! This organization should be fighting
on the front lines for justice for the Scott Sisters and not inviting Christopher
Epps to some banquet! And what of the national NAACP, why are they
NOT responding to the many requests that have been made of them for
the past 15 years to become involved in this case!

This is the final indignity and must not go unchallenged. This bureaucrat
should not pompously sit up there picking his teeth and pontificating
while Jamie Scott lay suffering in one of the very prison cells that he
oversees, a prison cell that she (nor her sister) should even be in!

Please contact the president of the Jackson County, Mississippi NAACP,
Curly Clark, and ask him:

* Why is the NAACP distinguishing a man who would allow a woman to
deteriorate in a prison on his watch until she is now at end stage of kidney

* Why does the NAACP want to hear from a man that won't permit this same,
very seriously ill woman to be housed in the Medical Bldg. on the grounds of
that facility so that she can be cared for by her sister and instead has
her housed in a mold-infested, damp, breeding ground for the infections
which have repeatedly threatened her life?

Ask Jackson County NAACP President, Curly Clark, and State President,
Derrick Johnson, why they are not involved in the fight for justice for the
Mississippi Scott Sisters, a shocking and internationally known atrocity
occurring right in their own backyard!

This entire event should be protested if Epps remains on the program
and attendees given refunds for their $30 tickets!

Curly Clark, President, Jackson County NAACP

Derrick Johnson, State President
Mississippi State Conference NAACP
1072 West J.R. Lynch Street
Jackson, MS 39203

Further comments from Nancy Lockhart:

"In Charleston South Carolina - A Supervisor of The Charleston Place Hotel - tied a hangman's noose and placed it on an elderly Black employee's neck - Gentleman contacted the NAACP - no assistance because Charleston Place Hotel Hosts the yearly fund raising breakfast free of charge for the NAACP every year - How Do I know? - I made the case public, I wrote the press release and conducted the press conference.;

I'm rather disturbed when individuals ask, have you contacted the NAACP, ACLU, SCLC, and blah, blah, blah. Hell yes they have been contacted, haven't just been rocking in a chair for the past 5 years 7 months with the Scott Sisters Case. Join the mass e-mail campaign to the NAACP in protest of EPPS being guest speaker at the freedom fund banquet!

See Free The Scott Sisters Group Page or,;

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