Monday, October 11, 2010

LGBT Social Justice News: Suspects charged in NYC attack of Gays

USA Today reporters Oren Dorell and Haya El Nasser report that eight teenage and adult males were arraigned Sunday on a range of charges including sexual assault, robbery, intimidation and hate crimes. Two were held in lieu of $100,000 bond, and the others were held without bond. Police said a ninth member of the Latin King Goonies, as the group called itself, was still at large.

Dorell and El Nasser say that police said the attack happened Oct. 3. They said gang members heard a rumor that one of their recruits was gay and found the teen, stripped him, and beat and sodomized him with a plunger handle until he confessed to having had sex with a 30-year-old man in the neighborhood.

"The gang members found a second teen they suspected was gay and tortured him, police said. Then they lured the 30-year-old man to an abandoned house, where they burned, beat and tortured him for hours and sodomized him with a miniature baseball bat, police said.

"The incident came on the heels of an Oct. 3 beating at the Stonewall Inn gay bar, a symbol of the gay rights movement since protests over a 1969 police raid there, and a string of suicides attributed to anti-gay bullying, including a New Jersey college student's Sept. 22 plunge off the George Washington Bridge after his sexual encounter with a man in his dorm room was secretly streamed online."

USA Today, story continues

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