Saturday, April 27, 2013

Author of Mississippi Murder Novel Set For Cuenca, Ecuador Reading; An Evening With Writers In Transition

Three Mississippi Murders and a Chase Through Ecuador: The Plan, by Susan Klopfer. Set for publication in May.
(Writers in Transition)
An Evening of the Spoken Word
California Kitchen Restaurante
02 May 2013 . Thursday . 7pm
Free Admission . Cash Bar

A piece of a  chapter from "Once a Sleuth", by Bob Ray, author of Broken
It's a clue from a mystery novel, but to find out which clue, you have to buy and read the book.

"Learn From My Mistakes: A Real Estate Tale of Woe", by Michele DeWolfe
It is about buying an apartment in Cuenca, and everything we should have done differently.

"Red Creeper", by Frances Augusta Hogg
A writer learns the importance of discipline.

" The Moores of Coahoma County", Chapter 2 of The Plan,
by Susan Klopfer
Clinton Moore, a recently murdered Mississippi Delta lawyer, is visiting the site of the home he would have finished building, if it weren't for his tragic end. He listens in on a conversation between one of the town's social elites and a newcomer, a woman from Iowa who would have been his neighbor. They're planning a social event for the town's Culture Club.

"Driving in Cuenca - Anecdotes and Advice" by Lawrence Hamilton
The author relates some experiences of driving in Cuenca, and some advice
regarding his thoughts of avoiding pedestrians and other drivers.

Chapter 7 of "Methuselah's Promise", by Chris Petersen
author of Methuselah's Secret
Continuation of the novel as the story of the quest for the long life drug unfolds.

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