Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Emmett Till Video Posted on YouTube; Mississippi, Conspiracies, Assassinations, Colonia Dignidad All Featured

Susan Klopfer, author
The Plan
Publication Date: June 2013

The author of a new fiction book due out in June focused on the multiple murders of two black, gay lawyers and a straight, white FBI agent, today released a Mississippi-based video on YouTube.

"The Plan is based on actual and fictional characters. It starts out in the Mississippi Delta during the modern civil rights movement and moves into South America, as the truth about a torture colony there is coming to light."

Susan Klopfer, the author, once lived in the Delta, on the grounds of Parchman Penitentiary, before moving to Ecuador, where she currently resides. 

I wrote The Plan after spending a number of years living and doing research in the Delta, and wanted to share these photos with readers before the book actually comes out in June," Klopfer said.

"I especially hope that students will find this video on the Internet helpful, because it features dozens of photographs ranging from a civil war era, popular steamboat on the Mississippi River, to burial markers often found around the cotton fields, homes of early civil rights pioneers, as well as the faces of people who helped make a difference in the Modern Civil Rights Movement.

“In Mississippi, this movement was initiated by returning WWII veterans including Amzie Moore, Aaron Henry and Medgar Evers."

Delta Blues lovers will find photographs of The Crossroads sign in Clarksdale, a bluesman wall mural,  a famous rail crossing, Robert Johnson, the Dockery Plantation and more.

"The video also features photos relating to Emmett Till’s murder as well as Mississippi Burning, and I plan to add more photos as I go through my collection."

Klopfer said she included pictures of an early service station owned and operated by Moore, "who had one of the few bathrooms in the Delta that black people were allowed to use in Jim Crow times," as well as photos of the "burned out interior” of Henry's home in Clarksdale.

What’s The Plan about?

“In a nutshell, The Plan is a digital novel about two murdered gay, black lawyers (from Mississippi and Alabama) who probably knew too much about the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and President John F. Kennedy – and a murdered white, Vicksburg detective, formerly an FBI agent, who got in over his head in New Orleans, working for one of the alleged JFK assassination planners – with a quick sidetrip to Ecuador.”

Klopfer said she wrote The Plan with the Fiftieth Anniversary of the JFK assassination in mind. “We just cannot let this date pass by without asking questions. Few people, except for government officials, actually believe the Warren Commission Report was valid. It was even invalidated by a later House Select Committee on Assassinations that concluded the killing of the president was a conspiracy.

“Since only two reporters actually covered the civil trial relating to the murder of Dr. King, we understand well why the national media has continued to stick with its basically flawed reports on this death. In the words of Tommy Smothers -- "I feel nothing [for the national media] but total embarrassment"

Klopfer said she believes it is imperative that armchair historians and lesser known authors keep pushing for truth. “I personally look forward to the release of classified CIA documents on Colonia Dignidad in Chile, showing the agency's involvement in this torture chamber and its use of the facility as a training camp.

“For anyone asking what THIS is about, start googling – because most likely readers in the United States will be kept from the complete truth on this emerging news story, as well.”

The author said The Plan actually revolves around recent reports from Chile on a lawsuit filed against the that government by victims and relatives of people killed in the Southern Andes “Nazi torture chamber.”

“Will the U.S. government be embarrassed when it all comes out? I hope so. It’s our tax dollars at work, so at least anger is a possible response. But first the whole story is required."

The Plan is set for June publication and will be available on all major online bookstores in digital format.

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  1. Susan You do such great work about the Mississippi Delta. I sometimes still have some memories that I have stored from my childhood to my adult years. I relive Parchman and the last visit I had there. The memories are just like it was yesterday.